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Ever wonder how well your investments are doing after Uncle Sam puts his thumb on the scale?
Do you or your clients have a need for calculating performance after taxes? Price Performance Measurement Systems, Inc. (PPMS) has developed a software package to enable exactly this type of computation and comparison against appropriate after-tax benchmarks.

Take the complexity out of after-tax performance.
Calculating performance after tax is inherently more complicated than pre-tax because of the need to separate income according to taxability -- dividends, corporate interest, Treasury interest, municipal bonds, short term and long term capital gains -- and apply the correct tax rate to each segment. PPMS takes your data and grinds the numbers for you. An on-line portfolio set-up procedure allows users to set up their own unique tax structure. Built in defaults cover most of the major tax entities:

  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Qualified Nuclear Decommissioning Trusts
  • Non-Qualified Nuclear Decommissioning Trusts
  • Property & Casualty Insurance Companies
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